Good Free App of the Day: Phonics Studio – Smart Apps For Kids

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“I was looking at free app notifications – nothing was getting me excited and I thought, why do I keep saving Phonics Studio? I need to share this app! We’ve done GFAOTD features on a number of offerings from Grasshopper Apps because they’re high quality, free and customizable. This one is certainly no exception.


If you have a child who is learning phonics, how sounds blend or needs articulation practice, this is a must-download. All speech therapists and teachers should definitely have Phonics Studio in their app arsenal.


It comes with over 2,500 gorgeous, high-quality flashcards. It’s totally customizable and supports multiple users. It tracks data. You can use the sounds that come with the app or record your own. Your child can record their own for practice. The app even does your ironing.


*That last statement isn’t actually true.”


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