80 iPad Apps for Early Elementary – Apps for Education | ESUTechnology Integration

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For my daughter’s 7th birthday my wife and I decided to buy her an iPad mini.  We came to this decision after contemplating the alternatives.  
The iPad mini made the most sense because:

1 – iOS apps are significantly better (my opinion) than droid apps in this moment.  I’m talking about both diversity in educational apps available and general individual app quality.2 – The iPad mini can run all iPad and iPhone apps.3 – The iPad mini’s size is much kid friendlier than the bigger iPad.4 – The iPad mini is actually fairly reasonably priced – ours was $300 at Walmart.

Now that I have it in my office, the next question is what apps do I put on it?  As a tech integration guy, I spend a significant amount of time reading and writing app reviews.  What follows is a short description / rationale for each of my choices.  All of these are apps that I had on my iPad that I recommend to my teachers – they are FREE unless otherwise noted.”

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