Google in Education summits emphasize Internet in curricula

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Two Google in Education summits this week are designed to help hundreds of Nebraska and Iowa teachers better integrate the Internet into their classrooms.


The Glenwood Community School District is hosting the Southwest Iowa Summit on Monday and Tuesday, while the Great Plains Summit at Lincoln Southwest High School takes place Thursday and Friday.

The summits will give teachers and administrators the chance to hear from nationally known education speakers and learn how to use Google Hangout, Google Docs, YouTube and other services.

Devin Embray, Glenwood’s superintendent, said the summits are important because they give teachers tools to integrate technology into their teaching. And using the Internet is often the best way to connect with a generation that has never known a world without it.

The goal for the long-term effect of the summits is to help students better use technology to learn more efficiently and at a deeper level, Embray said.

“Students have never before been able to access as much information as they can today,” he said. “Knowing where to find that information and apply that information is what’s so important.”

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