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  1. TI-84 Tutorials

    Tutorials for the TI-84 calculator are provided below. Each tutorial is included as a video, many being interactive, in which you must click on the appropriate buttons on the calculator to continue.

    To view the calculator tutorials click on the web address below. Use this address to provide access to students.Note that you can use this address to access the calculator tutorials directly without entering the AfA Social Network:


    You can view a list of tutorials below. Click on each title to view that tutorial directly.

  2. The new TI-30XS MultiView™ calculator allows students to broaden their exploration of math and science concepts by a host of powerful enhancements. The standard mathematical notation displays expressions in textbook format, like superscripted exponents, pi symbol and stacked fractions. The new Table feature enables students to explore “x-y” tables for a given function. Students can easily compare data in patterns using the Data/List Editor in the new List Formula feature. Combining these features with the MultiView Display to compare results and find patterns creates an essential tool for the classroom.


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