Phase Shifts – Effects on Thermal Conductivity


What is thermal conductivity? The ability of a material to transfer heat energy via conduction.

While this is only the first trial, my task was to show that there is a significant drop in thermal conductivity of a material as it shifts from one phase to another. In this case, the sample shifts from a solid to a liquid around 18 oC. As you can see, the thermal conductivity is lower for temperatures higher than 18 oC. Cool huh?

When I am done, I will commit an entire page to show everything from beginning to end. Really I just want post the graph on twitter, but I know people will ask questions so….

Graphing Linear Equations in Standard Form by Using Intercepts – Video

This is how my students graph linear equations in standard form ( Ax + By = C):

Tom Adams

Khan Academy

While it is not new, Khan Academy is something worth sharing. Go to to watch thousands of tutorials for free online.

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