A School Distanced From Technology

As high-speed Internet and better cellphone reception reach a remote corner of Vermont where a school offers a semester on a farm for high school students, questions are arising about regulating use.

A School Distanced From Technology

Khan Academy

While it is not new, Khan Academy is something worth sharing. Go to to watch thousands of tutorials for free online.

Translating Functions

Description: In this activity students learn about and practice how to translate functions, and identify translations from equations of functions.

Comparing Linear and Expontential Functions

Description: In this activity students compare linear and exponential models by listing their characteristics side-by-side in a table.

Lilly’s Mussels – A Modeling Exercise

Description: Apply a linear and exponential model to a small data set in order to explore the differences in growth pattern, depending on which model is selected.

Creating a Vision for 21st Century Schools

Creating a Vision for 21st Century Schools
Patrick F. Bassett
Winter 2002

Pat Bassett
NAIS President Patrick F. Bassett

What is strategic for school leadership? In the last issue of Independent School, the president of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) indicated that creating more diverse and inclusive schools was one element of “staying strategic.” In this column, he argues that creating a vision regarding educational programs for 21st century schools should be an equally compelling focus for school leaders.