Phase Shifts – Effects on Thermal Conductivity


What is thermal conductivity? The ability of a material to transfer heat energy via conduction.

While this is only the first trial, my task was to show that there is a significant drop in thermal conductivity of a material as it shifts from one phase to another. In this case, the sample shifts from a solid to a liquid around 18 oC. As you can see, the thermal conductivity is lower for temperatures higher than 18 oC. Cool huh?

When I am done, I will commit an entire page to show everything from beginning to end. Really I just want post the graph on twitter, but I know people will ask questions so….

Next Generation Science Standards – STEM, Common Core, and Engineering


A colleague of mine asked me about engineering standards with regards to STEM. Immediately, I thought of the Next Generation of Science Standards. Click on NGSS for a topical arrangement of standards based on grade levels. Notice that engineering applications are highlighted in blue, core objectives are in orange, and cross-categorical concepts are in green. Also note, the Common Core standards are listed at the bottom of each page.