Phase Shifts – Effects on Thermal Conductivity


What is thermal conductivity? The ability of a material to transfer heat energy via conduction.

While this is only the first trial, my task was to show that there is a significant drop in thermal conductivity of a material as it shifts from one phase to another. In this case, the sample shifts from a solid to a liquid around 18 oC. As you can see, the thermal conductivity is lower for temperatures higher than 18 oC. Cool huh?

When I am done, I will commit an entire page to show everything from beginning to end. Really I just want post the graph on twitter, but I know people will ask questions so….

Math for Everyone @ Notre Dame

Another modeling talk hosted by Notre Dame’s Math Department. Math for Everyone is intended for undergrads, but is open to the public. March 10, 2011, Dr. Swanson from Ashland University will discuss his modeling probabilities associated with the game “Look Up and Scream.”