Comparing Linear and Expontential Functions

Description: In this activity students compare linear and exponential models by listing their characteristics side-by-side in a table.

Academic Dishonesty and Assessment

I recently read an article about kids texting while taking exams. While cheating only harms the students, I think it is important to deter them. I often use multiple versions of tests. Occasionally, I will make the test just a tad too long, so students don’t have enough time to cheat.

This is why formative assessments are so important. I pretty much know who is going to ace or fail the test based on low stakes formative assessments. While I may not grade every assignment, I continually assess my students concept mastery in a variety of ways.

Question and answer sessions reveal a lot about a student’s mastery. Why wait until it is too late to change schemata? Educators should assess every student as every new concept is introduce to be certain that the students are “getting it.”