Khan Academy

While it is not new, Khan Academy is something worth sharing. Go to to watch thousands of tutorials for free online.

Lilly’s Mussels – A Modeling Exercise

Description: Apply a linear and exponential model to a small data set in order to explore the differences in growth pattern, depending on which model is selected.

Math for Everyone @ Notre Dame

Another modeling talk hosted by Notre Dame’s Math Department. Math for Everyone is intended for undergrads, but is open to the public. March 10, 2011, Dr. Swanson from Ashland University will discuss his modeling probabilities associated with the game “Look Up and Scream.”

Make Me Rich

Description: In this activity, students explore a variety of functions through four different payment plans. They must select the best payment plan for different conditions.

Linear Capstone


Description: In this activity students gain experience in collecting, graphing, and analyzing real world data. Data is collecting from students marching in place for periods of two minutes. This online version of the activity includes videos of students marching for data collection.